You are having a dinner party but you are out of dry firewood?
You are still waiting for your wood supplier who should have been there last week?
Upon delivery, you were told that the wood only needs a few more weeks to dry?
You can't stay home all day to accept the delivery? Or you don't feel like gathering all that wood from your driveway?

Hotblox is the fast supplier of perfect quality firewood for your fireplace, cassette or stove.
We deliver the best product on the timing that is most convenient to you.
Due to low stock and a big backlog in deliveries we cannot accept any new orders for the time being. Our apologies.

Since years, Hotblox is a supplier of only high quality hard firewood, dry and immediately consumable.
We are specialised in fast, flexible delivery, also outside of office hours and even on places that are difficult to reach for other suppliers. A lot of our customers live in appartments or in townhouses without carpark. Hotblox delivers the service, agrees upon a concrete hour of delivery and only leaves when the logs are where you want them. And all this at a competitive price.
We deliver all the wood ourselves, no subcontrators, no payment upfront. You just pay us upon delivery.

The Logs:
Dry hardwood: a mix of hardwood consisting of logs of beech, ash and/or oak. This guarantees you a long lasting flame. The logs produce beautiful flames and almost no ash residue. On top of that the wood doesn't crackle or explode in your fireplace.

Kiln dried: dry, easy to light even for open fireplaces hard to start, 100 % clean, all bugs are killed during the drying process.

Products and prices:

Wood for Pizzaoven

Logs 12 to 14 inches long, 30 to 35cm
Packed in netbags
No dirt or insects, perfectly stackable,
fits under the Pizzaoven
Beech, ideal wood for pizzaovens



on demand
depending on quantity and place of delivery

Free delivery within 48 hours in Brussels, Antwerp and Leuven region

The Stere

1 stere equals 1 cubic meter in bulk

Logs 12 to 14 inches long, 30/35cm, other measures also available

Delivered packed in netbags, making it easier for us to transport stack and store where you want them
In bulk offloaded on your driveway or at your front door
We also supply bags of kindlewood.



1 stere bulk: 150 Euro
1 stere netbags: 160 Euro
kindlewood: 9 Euro for 40 liter bag

Free delivery within 48 hours in Brussels, Antwerp and Leuven region